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MapEditor is a program that I developed for a game team called 3P.


The 3P game team was created by a group of programmers eager to create games but that aren't working on that field. After forming the team we needed to have an idea for a game, so we decided to start by creating a 2D tile based game.

We needed to have a way to create the maps for the game, that's how MapEditor appeared.

It was developed in C++ with the MFC for the Windows platform, using Visual C++ 6.0.

The latest version (0.0.8) has been updated to compile against Visual C++ 2010.

  • The map is user defined;
  • The map file is a text based format, so it's easy to manipulate outside the editor;
  • A tile browser is provided, so that you can see the available tiles;
  • Undo capability is provided

Nowadays if you need a 2D title editor, I would advise to use Tiled instead, although it was a great fun to create this simple map editor.



Program source code.

Compiled application.